Redefine Your Restaurant Business with an Advanced Food Delivery App

People love it when their favorite restaurants provide quick home deliveries, fresh food, and great discounts. Adding exciting elements to your delivery experience can help you get repeat customers and new users! Even if you wish to enhance your restaurant’s dining experience, you can easily get it done by launching the food ordering KIOSK app.

In simple words, by developing a food app, you can improve your restaurant’s delivery and dine-in experience. Are you wondering how that is even possible? Well, let’s discover.

How to Improve Your User’s Food Ordering and Delivery Experience

Listed below are some of the most unique and interesting ways you can use your food ordering and delivery app to make your customers super happy. Unquestionably, offering an out-of-the-box user experience is a must to keep a restaurant business successful and profitable.

Use these methods if you, too, wish to attract more customers and retain the existing ones. Moreover, several restaurants and international food chain businesses use these methods to make themselves stand out from the rest of the market.

Live order tracking

Allow your users to track their food orders in real-time. This feature will help you maintain transparency with your customers and keep them engaged. Here, they can see the delivery driver’s location on the map, along with the accurate ETA and the route that the partner is following to reach the user’s address.

Live activity feature for iOS users

The live activity feature is only available in the iOS food delivery app. Well, it’s a great way to update users about their orders and keep them informed about their progress.

A live activity bar looks like this –


Here, users can get notified about the order’s status and, in the form of a progressive bar, see the ETA of their food’s arrival.

Personalized food suggestions

To help your users decide what they should order next, you can show them personalized food suggestions based on their preferences.

Besides attracting and retaining customers, the feature will allow you to create a better impression and stand out from your competitors. Moreover, this powerful tool will help reduce the decision fatigue that users often experience when they’re looking to try out new options but don’t know exactly what they should order.

Food customization option

If you are launching a food delivery app, ensure that you give users the option to customize their meals. Using the option, your users will be able to edit or add toppings and side dishes of their choice, select the sauce they want, etc., based on the customizations you offer them.

It will essentially make your users enjoy a ‘dine-in’ experience from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, to elevate their dining experience, you can provide a separate section where users can add special cooking instructions and personalize their food without going through the trouble of contacting the restaurants via phone.

In-app video and voice calls

Users can place in-app voice and video calls with the delivery driver to communicate with them whenever they want. Also, they can place the call to guide them about the route.

Record delivery instructions

Users can record the delivery instructions for the driver on the app to help the professional reach the destination quicker than the estimated time. Users can also listen to the recording, delete it, and re-record it if they feel there’s too much disturbance and the voice isn’t clear.

Elevate Your User’s Dine-in Experience with the KIOSK App

Do you know that you can install a food ordering KIOSK app to make the dine-in and takeaway options smoother for your customers? Customers visiting your store can view the digital menu on the KIOSK panels placed in your restaurant, choose the dishes they want, add them to the cart, and easily place their orders.

Once users proceed to checkout, they can select the dine-in or takeaway option and also choose their preferred payment method. Lastly, they need to provide details like their name, phone number, and email address so that the restaurant can send them the order confirmation and status. Users can see their order number on the KIOSK once their order has been accepted by the restaurant!

Additional Food Delivery App Features for Boosted User Experience

Listed below are some additional features you can integrate into your food ordering and delivery app and take the user experience a notch above the ordinary!

Easy and quick onboarding

To create a good first impression and boost your user’s experience right the moment they open your app for the first time, you need to create a simple onboarding process. From creating profiles to learning about the app’s features, the onboarding process includes everything.

Remember, if it takes more time for the user to place their food order on your app, they would prefer to use your competitor’s app instead. Therefore, to avoid this, you can:

  • Make the registration process shorter by allowing users to sign up using their email, phone number, and social accounts.
  • Integrate the feature of login with biometric authentication (Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning) that eliminates the need to enter usernames and passwords.
  • Highlight all the essential app features on the introduction screen.

Smart search and filter

Add the feature of a smart filter and search in your application so that users can simply enter the keyword and look for their favorite dishes or restaurants! Moreover, using the smart filter option, users can easily sort their search results based on their budget, restaurant proximity, delivery time, etc.

Quick customer support

You can provide live chat support or toll-free numbers where customers can easily reach out to your company in case they have any concerns related to their orders.

Apart from registering complaints, the feature will allow users to learn more about their orders, send order cancellation requests, ask about refunds, and so on.

Wrapping Up

Launching a food delivery app along with KIOSK can help you boost your sales, get more customers, and offer a fantastic user experience! Developing a feature-rich application and KIOSK panel in addition to a delivery driver app, store app, admin panel, and other supporting panels sounds really expensive. Building all of these interfaces can cost you billions of dollars and take at least a year. Well, that won’t be the case if you invest in a ready-made app.

A ready-made app is developed and tested by white-labeling professionals. Using a pre-built food delivery app, you don’t have to worry about hiring your team, spending a fortune on monthly salaries, gathering the latest software, and so on.

The white-labeling professionals will handle everything for you, including rebranding the app, testing it, fixing bugs, and submitting and launching it on the app stores. So, if you want to launch the advanced food ordering and delivery app without spending all the money and within 1-2 weeks, get in touch with an experienced white-labeling firm right away!

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